Imagine Dragons & Coldplay Tribute

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Imagine Dragons vs.Coldplay

Tribute Concert

Concert on Jan.30th

People have fought over their turfthroughout the ages: Jets vs. Sharks, Greasers vs. Socs, Rockers vs. Mods,Warriors vs. every gang in NYC, and now ImagineDragons vs. Coldplay. Who would you choose? 


Over the weekend of Jan 30th , bearwitness to a brawl over musical excellence as the Pearl Red Stars band bringthe two groups to do battle from the hard hitting streets of Shanghai to thePearl.


On tap is a couple of nights of well-crafted pop music by these bands.In the red corner, we have the newcomer Imagine Dragons who penned such greathits as ‘Radioactive’, ‘Demons’, ‘Mouth of the River’, and ‘It’s Time’.


In the yellow corner, we have the swarthy veteran Coldplay. They havean endless amount of hits with “Yellow”, “Fix You”, “Paradise”, and “Viva laVida” just to name a few. They are both battle tested and continue to show nosigns of slowing down. The match will last several rounds of drinks until thelast fan standing.


In the culinary corner, is Chef Baidas and his new bionic arm whichwill be whipping up delicious concoctions to keep the fans going deep into thenight. Tickets for the Imagine Dragons vs. ColdplayTribute Concert are RMB 150 (early bird) and RMB 180 at the door.They can be purchased via WeChat by scanning the QR code or at the door. Doorsopen at 6pm, happy hour is from 6 to 8 pm, the Concert is at 9:30 pm.


Please note: we have no refund policy

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