iLab Extreme Treatment Algae Collagen Mask + Nourishing

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Expiry date: Dec.2024
Product Standard:33ml x 4pcs

60 Minutes SPA  Mask

Partner of  Golden Snowflake Ski Industry Alliance

Product introduction
①New Generational Mask

SPA treatment -

 Apply 60-90 minutes and No back suction

Extreme Natural -

① 25ml gel mask 100% made by natural algae extracted from deep Nordic sea 

② 8ml essential lotion extracted from extreme plants

②Extreme Plant

Neuro Guard from Deep Arctic Sea​​ -

Improve elasticity · Smooth fine lines and wrinkles Rejuvenation and Perfection

(French invention patent ingredient:FR3024358)

Snow Algae from Alps -

Nourishing·Tighten skin

③Coral Reef Safe

0 Additives -

Preservative and Fragrance Free · ​Alcohol and Hormone Free · Paraben Free

Pregnant Women Safe -

No harmful ingredients of Oxybenzone, Octinoxate etc.​​


For all skin types. Both women and men.
Sensitive skin friendly
2-3 times per week, or 1 time every day during outdoors.
① When apply it on face
Tilt up head or lie flat to prevent slipping. Use your fingertip to cut the uneven areas, such as areas of nose, eye corners, chin etc.Press the bubbles out in between the mask and face gently.  

② 5-10 minutes
Push up and press the mask occasionally if the gel mask slides down. The natural gel will permeate into skin gradually and no longer slide.  

③ 60-90 minutes
The natural gel mask will get thinner obviously, and the collagen and essence will be injected into your skin simultaneously. The mask will also shrink on your face evenly and gradually, which helps tighten your skin and shrink pores simultaneously.  

④ After removing
Rinse face with water. 

Terms & Condition:
-    To ensure you receive the product smoothly, kindly provide your address in Chinese
-    We have no refund policy
-    Product will be dispatched within 3 working days after the order is placed and purchased
-    Contact number for after-sale problems:152-9088-1770

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